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Elbow Conditions

The elbow is an important hinge joint between the upper arm, or humerus, and the larger of the two forearm bones, known as the ulna. It has three main supporting ligaments, tendons and multiple muscles cross the joint helping with an extensive range of movements. It is a well used feature of the anatomy and is subject to the effects of wear and tear and injury.

At London Elbow Specialists we have a team of experienced elbow consultants that are specialists within their field and able to treat a variety of elbow conditions. The modern clinic is experienced at dealing with all conditions including trauma and sporting injuries.

A list of our most common treated conditions are shown below. We recommend contacting us with any elbow related issues you are experiencing that are not listed below as we may be able to help. Our consultants have performed thousands of operations between them and are vastly experienced in all aspects of the elbow.

Elbow Conditions We Treat

At London Elbow Specialists our elbow surgeons are trained in the surgical and medical treatment of many different elbow conditions.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a common injury that comes from repetitive overuse of the elbow. It can cause a sharp nagging at the bony point of the elbow and severe pain that radiates down towards the wrist.  Read more about tennis elbow and the treatment options available.

Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow causes a pain at the bony point of the elbow that radiates down the inside of the arm to the wrist. It is commonly a result of the repeated wrist flexion in golf but it can also come from working at a computer and manual jobs. Read more about golfer’s elbow and the treatment options available.

Elbow Osteoarthritis

Elbow osteoarthritis can cause pain and stiffness in the elbow joint, a loss of range of motion and often a grating sensation. It occurs when cartilage in the elbow gets eroded by repeated physical demands. Read more about elbow osteoarthritis and the treatment options available.

Elbow Breaks & Fractures

Elbow breaks and fractures occur following a fall onto an outstretched hand or from a direct impact to the elbow. Read more about elbow breaks & fractures here.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome causes severe pain, numbness, tingling in the ring and little finger and muscle weakness in the hands and arms. Read more about cubital tunnel syndrome and the treatment options available.

Biceps Tendon Tear at the Elbow

A bicep tendon tear occurs at the elbow when the Distal Bicep Tendon, which links the bicep to the elbow, separates from the elbow joint either partially or completely. Read more about a bicep tendon tear at the elbow and the treatment options available.

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